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Stella Canoe Club - Special General Meeting: Tuesday 8 March 2016

posted 13 Mar 2016, 00:01 by Maya Opperman   [ updated 13 Mar 2016, 00:02 ]
Hi All

Further below correspondence and subsequent meeting at PYC on Tuesday past,
I am very pleased to announce that Stella Canoe Club will officially become
part of Point Yacht Club ( PYC ) as of 1st June 2016.

The meeting on Tuesday was well attended and together with the Proxy's
received, more than 50% of the club was represented which is more than the
Stella Constitution requires to form a quorum.

The vote that took place in deciding whether Stella Canoe Club should move
from the current location in Bayhead to PYC on the Victoria Embankment and
thereby also be incorporated into the membership of PYC, was unanimous in
favour of the move to PYC.

Should you wish to join PYC earlier than 1st June 2016, please feel free to
do so. You will then pay a pro rata fee until 31st May 2016

The PYC membership fee agreed upon for the 2016 / 2017 season is R 1500.00 /
male and female senior member.

Racks will be available at R300 / rack for existing Stella Canoe Club
members, but due to a current shortage of space at PYC which allows us to
initially place only 1 container at PYC for boat storage, we are
unfortunately going to have restrict the number of boat racks to 1 per paid
up and registered PYC/Stella member.

Please note that your KNCU fees ( which should be around R 700.00 / paddler
for the 2016/2017 season ) are still to be paid, over and above your R
1500.00 PYC registration fee.

Your KNCU registration form must still be completed by yourself, as in the
past and forwarded to Jane and myself.

A copy of the 2016/2017 KNCU registration form will be forward to you,
soonest it is made available to us.

In order to not put too much strain on the PYC admin office, your KNCU fees
for this year at least, are still to be paid into Stella's Standard Bank

As in the past, we then pay KNCU and insure your registration is processed.

Please see attached the complete fee breakdown for Senior, Junior and
Retired members.

Should you have any questions regarding the attached fees, please feel free
to contact me directly.

Your annual PYC membership fee will include access to PYC Victoria
Embankment, as well as access to PYC's beach site, now known as Point
Watersport Clubs which are DUC, PYC and Durban Ski Boat Club.

Please also find attached the 2 page membership form for PYC.

When completing the form, please write "Stella Canoe Club" in the space
where it asks to "Name of other Club/s of which you are a member"

This will identify you as a paddler and allow you the discounts where

Providing a photo of yourself is included, completed forms may be scanned
through to me and Edrich de Lange (in copy) who is a PYC Committee Member,
although it is preferred that you deliver the completed form to PYC in
person. And which better day to do that, than on a Tuesday after the dice ?

Payment and PYC banking details will follow in a separate email.

Arrangements regarding the remaining boats at and the future / closing of
the Bayhead site will also be relayed via a separate email.

I thank those again for their attendance at the Special General Meeting on
Tuesday and those who have forwarded proxy forms.

We look forward to spending many happy hours paddling and making new
memories at PYC.

Yours in Paddling

Neels Meyer

Chairman - Stella Canoe Club