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Winter Surfski Season - King of the Bay

posted 14 May 2013, 22:11 by Maya Opperman
Yesterday we received 80 Pairs of Deadly THULE Paddling Shorts, produced by Trashy Harker. You can earn yourself a Free pair by completing 5(five), of the 11, Durban Winter Surfski Season Races. Howz THAT for a Bonus!

Please Note All Durban Winter Surfski Season results are available on 
The Bay Union Series Results can be Found on 

Race3 of The Durban Winter Season - This Sunday 19 May 
Race3 of the Durban Winter Surfski Season, The McCarthy Toyota (Durban North) King of The Bay race, will be a Double Ski Focused event in the 10km & 22km Events. Have a Look at The Race Prize Money Template below.

Before you look at the Race Prize Money Template, I would like to draw your attention to two Interesting Age Group Categories we have created (cos we can).

(40-54 - Vet, SM, Master) 1st R400, 2nd R350, 3rd R300, 4th R250, 5th R200 
(55+ SGM, GM, GGM) 1st R400, 2nd R350, 3rd R300, 4th R250, 5th R200

"So How do I enter These Race Categories?" you ask.

In Double Ski Racing, the age of the youngest competitor will determine the category in which the crew competes.
"Sorry Billy, Who is this Royal "WE", you keep talking about" you ask
Myself and Stella Canoe Club Head Honcho , NEELS "The Dutchman" Meyer.
OK, Here is the Rest of The Race Prize Money Template for The King of the Bay:

10km Race Course Prize Money
Double Ski - 1st R300, 2nd R250, 3rd R200, 4th R150, 5th R100
Single Ski Male - 1st R100
Single Ski Female - 1st R100 

22km Race Course Prize Money
Women Double 1st R300, 2nd R200 
Junior Double 1st R300, 2nd R250, 3rd R200
Overall Double 1st R500 2nd R450, 3rd R400, 4th R350, 5th R300
MIXED Double 1st R500 2nd R450, 3rd R400, 4th R350, 5th R300
40-55 Years (V, SM, M) 1st R400 2nd R350, 3rd R300, 4th R250, 5th R200
55+ (SGM, GM, GGM) 1st R400 2nd R350, 3rd R300, 4th R250, 5th R200

Can one Win more than 1 Cash Prize Money Category?
Yes, If Oscar Chalupsky (Master), paddled with Antje Manfroni (Vet) and won the race Overall, They would Win the 40-55 Category, Mixed Doubles and Overall Prize Money.

As you may or May not Know, Oscar (The not so BIG O) will not However be paddling with Antje this weekend because he is Racing the Molokai Challenge this coming Saturday hoping to win his 13th Molokai Race (His Current fighting weight is 92kg's, The same weight as he was in Matric!).

The not so BIG O does however, have his work cut out for him, as Sean "The Turbo PRAWN" Rice is also in Molokai (There are also a couple Aussies in the Mix but the not so Big O seems to have the measure of them. Okes keep cramping up near the finish) Ha ha ha, what a Hoot.

On a serious Note, I would like to Wish All competitors at Molokai a great race and I am Praying you get wind....and remember as long as your are giving it your best and having a nice time, you are actually winning in some way!

McCarthy Toyota (Durban North) King Of the Bay Race Sun 19 May 
Start at Stella Canoe Club, Finish at Marine SLC
10km Short course - Stella cc, Thru Harbour to Marine LSC 
23km Long course - Stella CC, Thru Harbour, to PnP Hyper by the Sea, back to Marine. 

Start Time: 
Short course – 9am
Doubles – 9h10am
Singles – 9h20am 
NSRI and Marine SLC safety - Provided

Entry fee:
Short & Long course :
Juniors – R80
Seniors – R100 

First 350 paddlers receives a cap at registration !

Pre race registration:
Thursday 16/05 @ DUC, 5pm to 7pm
Friday 17/05 @ Marine SLC, 5pm to 7pm
Normal entries taken on the bank at Stella on Sunday 19/05 from 7am - 8:30am 

King of the Bay Race Info: Neels "The Dutchman" Meyer – 083 231 0919

Check your Oil!

Billy Harker

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